Legends of Thassilon

Depths of Hell

Water zombieThe heroes defeated the Norgorber cultists despite the treacherous ambush. Malcanthet was compelled to fling her lightning bow into the darkness earning the cult her undying enmity. Fortunately for them (and her) she found it on a lower catwalk.

The party continued their descent into the Hells until they found Ironbriar’s hideout at the base. A brackish pool surrounded a raised sacrificial platform with a large Sidhedron rune.

From the cover of invisibility, his voice echoed, “So, is this what you hoped to find? Here I am, at your mercy and with no means of escape, the evidence of my crimes laid out before you. Come and judge me if you would!”

The party was again ambushed by cultists from above and powerful walking dead emerging from the black water below. Ironbriar then joined the fray with several near misses from his vile divine powered war razor. Ragnok battled the cultists while Mal, Maggie, Albi and Ito wore down Ironbriar’s defenses. Kayleb provided distraction, allowing Maggie to deliver the killing blow.

On Ironbriar’s corpse, the party forund a wand, a magical war razor, a mithril shirt, and a journal with a sophisticated cipher. Albi and Kayleb worked to decode the text, while the others searched the base of Hell.

April 28, 2012


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