Legends of Thassilon

Glass and Wrath

Sheriff Hemlock and his guardsmen escorted Karik, Maggie and Albi back to the Barrett home. Karik and Hemlock led, past the grisly murder scene. The crawl space was empty save an abandoned goblin nest and the remains of Alergast’s leg. When Karik climbed the stairs, he was attacked by two goblins. The beasts bit with their rusted blades and then scattered in two directions: one launched himself out the second-story window (and was nearly cleaved in half by Karik during the insane maneuver) and the other lobbed a lantern onto the kerosene-soaked bed.

Turandarok bridgeAt the Turandarok Bridge, Lord Foxglove and his boar hunters met a charming Varisian character who Bandaro recognized as Kessel Moretti. Moretti, with an unknown number of hidden bandits, pleasantly demanded a toll for passage. After several tense moments, Bandaro diffused the threat with playful banter and 20 gold. Moretti leapt off the bridge into a concealed space underneath. The heroes decided not to pursue and rode homeward.

Back in the Barett home, another pair of goblins emerged from hiding downstairs and blocked the front door with a heavy desk and lit it aflame. The goblins were slain by Hemlock’s guardsmen, while Karik and Maggie dealt with the fires. Karik bodily pulled the burning mattress into neighboring room’s hearth sustaining blistering wounds. Maggie, counting on her innate fire resistance, waded into the fire and slowly pulled the chair outside. Only her clothing was harmed. The remaining flames were doused and Karik magically healed his injuries.

Shalelu andosanaOn the way back to Sandpoint, the hunters met another regional notable: Shalelu Andosana. She explained that she was a ranger and protector of the region and was coming to Sandpoint to report details of the increasing goblin activity. Bandaro, in turn, detailed his uncanny skill with his sword, his hair-product regimen, and his heroic efforts to protect Sandpoint’s people. They all rode back to Sandpoint together.

That night, the heroes reunited and Foxglove hosted a feast, featuring boar prepared by Ameiko Kaijitsu at The Rusty Dragon and tales of Malcanthet’s incredible archery and somewhat mocking stories of Varisian banditry and diplomacy. The next morning, Foxglove departed for business in Magnimar with promises to call on Malcathet when next in town. Later the same morning, the heroes were summoned to Lady Mayor Deverin at City Hall. She again congratulated the heroes on their continued efforts to rid Sandpoint of its goblin trouble. She explained, however, that Shalelu Andosana reported increasing goblin activity in the Hinterlands and likely additional attacks. She intended to send Sheriff Hemlock to Magnimar for reinforcements and offered to deputize the heroes to continue defending Sandpoint and protecting its people in a more official manner. She offered to pay a generous sum of 5 gold each per day the Sheriff was gone. Only Malcanthet refused to accept.

Following several days of local hero-worship and easy pay, the deputies’ first problem arose. A timid halfling named Bethana Corwin, a cook and employee of The Rusty Dragon, approached Albi. Heavy with concern, she said Ameiko did not come to work, her rooms were unslept in and she found an ominous note from Ameiko’s estranged half-brother, Tsuto. She shared the note and asked the heroes to look into her boss’s disappearance.

Once the party gathered, they decided to start at the Kaijitsu family’s glassworks factory. The smokestacks burned but all the doors were uncharacteristically locked. Maggie picked the warehouse door’s lock while onlookers gathered to see what Sandpoint’s heroes were up to. They slipped in the building and found signs of trouble, including an opened safe and small, muddy footprints leading from the basement. Karik heard glass breaking in the room beyond and Ragnok charged into a chaotic scene. Several goblins played with molten glass and the floor was littered with bodies of several dead workers. A great melee ensured with flying glass, molten missiles, deadly arrows and incredible crushing and slashing attacks. Within moments, seven goblins lay dead and two fled. One disappeared into the basement, while the last one was dropped by a deadeye shot from Malcanthet.

Within the glassworks workshop another tragic find was discovered: the glass-encased form of Lonjiku Kaijistu, patriarch of the noble family. By the his tortured visage and seared skin, he was clearly encased alive. After a brief search for more threats, the heroes moved into the basement.

A few paces into the shadowed level, two waves of shrieking goblins surged from the darkness while a shadowy figure advanced from behind.

Session Summary


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