Legends of Thassilon

Justices' Fall

Justice Kernwell morphed into a bulky faceless stalker as Mal let a pair of crackling arrows fly. The other heroes jumped into action pressing the alien monster. Ironbriar magically vanished andRagnok attacked his last position but misjudged, burying his sword in the wall. In the hallway, Ito pounded on Justice Chaddov from behind. Babau demonThis justice was also not as he appeared, becoming an acid slime covered babau demon. He viciously turned on Ito and nearly dropped the massive tiefling.

Maggie used her serrated sabers to fell Kernwell atop the meeting room table. After she quaffed Albi’s elixir of magical sight, she darted after the escaping Ironbriar. The rest of the party focused on the demon Chaddov. The monster proved hard to injure and deadly effective at causing injury. Albi suffered grievously while delivering healing draughts and even Mal shuddered from claw attacks when the demon turned on her. Once Ragnok yanked his heavy blade from the masonry, he joined the battle and the demon fell in a pile of brimstoney ash.

Ironbriar fled into the study and through a hidden passage behind a bookshelf. He dropped into a black chute, laughing evilly as he escaped. Maggie chased after him. At the base, she found a dark stone room with a long passageway complete with receding footfalls.

She rushed after him but triggered a deadfall trap, dropping a ton of debris into the passage. She narrowly dove away from harm. Shaking off the dust, she decided to wait for the rest of the party to catch up.

Everyone plummeted down the chute and entered the passage. They climbed the debris pile and advanced underground toward the Pediment Building. The passage led to an abandoned antechamber like the one the party entered leading into the prison block when they visited Lyrie. They found a elevator shaft and no other means of egress so they climbed down the rusty chains.

Skinsaw cultistThe shaft opened into a huge cylindrical prison with central grated platforms every 40 feet and catwalk spokes radiating to a descending spiral catwalk around the periphery. Apparently abandoned, the heroes began the eery descent.

Maggie and Ito recalled legends of a prison riot in the Hells. The story was that all the guards were murdered and to prevent the prisoners form escaping into the city, the Council ordered the only entrance bricked over. No one had ever gone back in.

About one hundred feet down, the heroes were ambushed. Men disguised as corpses rose from the cell floor and loosed several crossbow bolts. Maggie and Ragnok closed and Mal fired several electrical arrows. Up close, the foes wore ragged leather masks with a single bulbous lens where eyes should be. They dropped their crossbows for war razors and dispassionately said in unison, “Blood for the Father.” Another band of foes, including Ironbriar, revealed themselves from the opposite side of the circular chamber and unleashed more bolts. The heroes were trapped.

Session Summary


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