Ability Scores, Hit Points and Advancement

One of the main points that I’ve heard thus far is that some people don’t like the lack of chance that comes with allocating abilities and hit points; they would rather gamble on being even better (and are willing to chance that they turn out worse off). Other players prefer to allocate abilities using the build point system, fearing the crappy dice rolls that could hinder their character forever. Thus, I am instituting the following compromise.

Starting Abilities
You have two choices at character creation. You may roll randomly or you may allocate points. Once you make your decision, it is final. Here’s the skinny on each.

  1. Dice Rolling. You may roll 4d6 and add up the result of the highest three dice. The minimum result is 8; if you rolled less, substitute an 8. After all six results are determined you may allocate them to abilities as you desire. This dice roll must be done while the group is together; we want to share your success or failure as the case may be.
  2. Build Point System. You may use the 20-build point (“high fantasy”) system to allocate ability points as described in the core rulebook.

After your points have been rolled or allocated and assigned, then apply any racial modifiers.
Ability score advancement
Ability Advancement
The following table describes how ability scores are improved with leveling. When you reach a level that offers an ability score advancement, the appropriate ability is improved by 1 point. When the table lists “any two” you must select two different abilities to improve.

Hit Points
Each character will receive max hit points at 1st level. For subsequent levels you will, similar to starting ability scores, have two options: a dice roll or a standard allocation. You may choose either but once you make a decision it is final for that level. Pick one of the following:

  1. Dice Rolling. Roll two of your character’s hit dice and drop the lowest result. This roll must be made while the group is together (just like rolling for starting abilities).Hit die table
  2. Standard Hit Points. Alternatively, you may pick a set number of hit points based on your hit die according to the following table. The number listed is based on three-quarters of your die type.

After your roll or select the standard allotment, apply your Con modifier and any other hit point bonuses.

Ability Scores, Hit Points and Advancement

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