Character Creation

Adventuring partyCreating characters follows the Pathfinder RPG rules, including all published supplements, with the following guidelines:

Background: This is the first point for a reason. All characters are from Sandpoint or recent visitors. You will all have a connection to the town and/or some other PC. This will be developed more during your first session. All characters who are from Sandpoint gain the following campaign trait:

Sandpoint-Borne: Over the years, you have learned much about the town’s people and gossip. Knowledge (local) is a class skill. If your class also gives you Knowledge (local), you gain a +2 circumstance bonus.

Traits: Each player character begins play with 2 traits in addition to Sanpoint-borne. The following link offers serval Campaign Traits. Otherwise, the Advanced Player’s Guide offers several possibilities. Traits from other sources (except other Adventure Paths) are valid, but those who select and roleplay traits (and feats) that foster their link to their homeland and its inhabitants will likely benefit from boons and other rewards.

Ability Scores and Hit Points: See the aptly named Ability Scores and Hit Points wiki for your extensively developed options for these aspects.

Races: Any of the humanoid races in the core rulebook are valid choices. Tieflings (described in the Bestiary and Council of Thieves adventure path) and Aasimars (Bestiary) are also available. Any other races may be available with GM oversight.

Classes/Archetypes: Any class or archetype is available, including those presented in the Ultimate Magic and Ultimate Combat supplements. Please check with the GM before using any optional rules.

Skills: See the Rules wiki for details on Skills, including modifications to the skill list.

Wealth: You start with the maximum gold available for your class.

Character Creation

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