Experience Points and Boons

Killing the dragonDuring Legends of Thassilon, we will follow the medium XP progression table. XP will be awarded for in-game achievement (defeating monsters, diplomatically avoiding conflict, solving riddles, completing quests, etc.) with equal awards to all participants. If a player misses a session, they still gain XP equal to the other players

New Characters: If you are creating a new character, your starting level and XP are equal to the XP amount of the active group members.

Boons are being phased out for new and improved action points. Use up your boon cards before the end of this chapter please. They will have no effect once we enter book 3.

Individual achievement will typically be awarded with boons. These are one-time bennies that are used during the following session. Boons will be individualized to highlight your character’s particular style and abilities. They will be powered slighter higher than a feat of your current level so they should allow you to show off some cool moves.

You can earn boons lots of ways. Here’s a few:

# Worldmaker. Post something cool on Obsidian Portal like an in-character journal entry.
# Storymover. Advance the story through roleplaying or clever strategy when it might have otherwise bogged down.
# Best Assist. Do something to help another character get the spotlight. Examples might include aiding another for a successful attack on a named foe or giving in character suggestion that makes another person the focal point of an encounter.
# MVP. If you steal the show with a tremendous blow or the best acrobatic attack you may have been the session’s MVP.

I will try to give out at least 3 boons for every session. You will get to nominate yourself and others for the Storymover, Best Assist, and MVP awards. I will arbitrate the winner as well as any Worldmaker awards.

Each player may have up to 3 cards “in their hand”. If you have more than 3 cards, you must choose to discard down to 3 cards.

Occasionally, if one player wins more than one award per session, I will create a single extra powerful boon card.

Action Points
Action point battleThere are epic moments of the game that can be gutted by a bad dice roll. Dramatic attacks are neutered by failed confirmation rolls, heroes may be waylaid for several critical rounds by a failed save, and so on. Furthermore, a system of individual player reward is fundamental to roleplaying games and lacking given our group XP gain system. I am introducing action points, based on a modified version of the APG’s hero points, to address these issues. The reason I’m not using hero points as written is that I want to control the frequency they are awarded and I want their use to emphasize heroic actions and dramatic play.

Named NPCs and monsters will typically have 1 action point. The hero point feats, spells, and magic items listed in the APG will not be used.

Awarding Action Points
During this initial playtest, action points will be awarded only on merit. In other words, there will be no automatic criteria by which players earn points. I expect 1-3 action points will be awarded each session. One will be decided by the players (see player’s choice below) and any others will be awarded by me. There are several ways to win the GM’s favor.

Character Story: The GM will likely award action points for detailed character histories, especially if they tie into the current story. You may also be rewarded for in-character journal-style contributions to Obsidian Portal. I’m specifically looking for fiction that ties your character into the world or fleshes out some aspect of the story or setting.

Completing Plot Arcs: Adventure paths are more railroad than sandbox, so it should pay to stay on track. Characters will be awarded an action point for completing chapters of the campaign story.

GM Whimsy: The GM will, of course, award action points for a host of reasons, like great roleplaying and group service, but these awards will surely be inconsistent and arbitrary. Like the gods, the GM is fickle.

Player’s Choice: One action point per session will be awarded based on your selection. This is the only way to guarantee that someone gets an action point. Players should nominate and vote via Obsidian Portal. Voting must be completed prior to the day of our next game session. Players can be nominated for any reason, but I suggest actions like MVP and best assist. If no one is nominated, no award will be given for that session. Lastly, you may not nominate yourself. Only asshats do that.

Using Action Points
Action points can be spent at any time and do not require an action to use (although the actions they modify consume part of your character’s turn as normal). You cannot spend more than 1 action point during a single round of combat. Whenever an action point is spent, it can have any one of the following effects.

Confirmation Checks: Before you roll to confirm a critical hit, you can spend an action point to automatically confirm. Alternatively, you may spend the action point after a failed confirmation roll to reroll the check (but not gain automatic success).

Extra Action: You can spend an action point on your turn to gain an additional standard or move action this turn. Alternatively, if you only have a standard action remaining during your turn (due to a surprise round or after using a move action in a normal round for example), you may spend an action point to instead make a full round action.

Reroll Failed Save: If you fail a save for any effect that lasts more than one round, you may spend an action point to reroll the save the following turn. If you succeed the effect is resolved as though you had succeeded at the original save. If you fail your reroll you may choose to spent additional action points and reroll on subsequent rounds.

Impossible Task: You can attempt an action that you would otherwise have no chance of succeeding. If an ability or skill check DC is greater than you could achieve and you roll a natural 20, you may spend an action point to succeed. (This is the only way to achieve a task with a DC higher than your possible range.)

Recall: As a free action, you can spend an action point to recall a spell you that you know (including one that is in your spellbook but not memorized) or to gain another use of a special ability that is otherwise limited (like an additional elixir or bomb). This should only be used on spells and abilities possessed by your character that recharge on a daily basis.

Experience Points and Boons

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