September 15, 2012

Experience Points
Kreeg Ogre Warlord Chump 12,000 XP
Lamiah matriarch redo 12,000 XP
Subtotal: 24,000
XP Award per Player: 4,800 XP (5 players)
XP tally: 39,405 (Level 7! 51,000 needed for level 8)

Ogre Warlord Loot: potions of cure serious wounds (2, 750 gp each), large +1 hide armor (1,030 gp),
+1 human bane ogre hook (large) (CL 8, 8,324 gp), belt of giant strength +2 (CL 8, 4,000 gp).
Commander Lamatar’s gear: boots of the mire (CL 5, 3,500 gp), love sonnets to “Myriana”
and silver locket (2 gp) with lock of golden hair.

Action Points
Mike & Brian: For roleplaying the rats tactics so well. (You may transfer these points to your new characters this time only.)
Player’s Choice: pending

Alex, Brian, Mike, Jen, and Tanner.

September 15, 2012

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