Legends of Thassilon

Fenlight Lair

After slogging out of the Hells, the heroes tried to catnap in Ironbriar’s manor. The servants had fled, and after only an hour’s rest the place was surrounded by town guards. Maggie, Mal, and Albi raced out the back and over the fence. Ito and Ragnok slipped without notice onto the balcony and tried to drop on a pair of guards. The guards evaded and counterattacked. Ito suffered several humiliating blade slaps before the tiefling brothers split and ran. Meanwhile, Kayleb hid inside and over several hours, he learned that the party’s description was being circulated. The guards also mused aloud about Ironbriar kidnapping or worse by the “devil-spawn bent on ruining Maginimar’s beacon of justice.”

Once the party reunited, they laid low in the Shadow’s slums and sought Barthus, the half-orc ferryman named in Ironbriar’s journal. The dour half-orc agreed to transport the party to Ironbriar’s coastal destination for an exorbitant rate.

That night, a cold wind churned the gray waters of Maginmar Bay. The heroes boarded a large rowboat and Barthus plowed through the chop for three hours. In the distance Maggie spied the dimly lit windows of a Magnimaran ruin, the Fenlight. She recalled stories of the marble lighthouse built on an ancient stone monolith emerging from the ocean along the Mushfen coast. The impressive lighthouse darkened after several lightkeepers and their families vanished and the site was abandoned.

ScarecrowBarthus rowed up to a small floating dock and the adventurers disembarked. At the top of a rusty ladder they peered into a huge dark cavern with giant-sized stone stairs and tons of fallen rubble. Maggie stepped in only a few yards when a hulking form emerged from the shadows. An ogre-sized golem, a crude amalgam of human, horse, and cow body parts with a pumpkin-sized head, a glassy eye, and coarsely sewn lips, closed with a reaving 10-foot scythe.

Malcanthet buried several lightning arrows into its mismatched hide which seemed only to amuse the monster. As it closed with the party, Maggie tried to slip in behind only to suffer a massive slash from the scythe. Seeing his friend nearly cleaved with single blow, Albi cried to Mal, “No electricity! It heals it!”, and lobbed a fiery bomb. The blast charred the golem’s skin slowing it’s movements. Ragnok and Ito began delivering punishing blows to the weakened golem. Kayleb cast a flame strike further hobbling the foe. The hideous guardian pulled away toward a wall-mounted metal plate provoking addition slashes. It pounded the plate triggering a burst of lighting that jolted most of the adventurers and reinvigorated the golem. The man-cow made a muffled growl and slashed again but failed to harm anyone. Several more strikes landed before Kayleb cast another fire spell dropping the massive foe.

Kayleb and Albi started healing the injured when a noisy lift began descending from the ceiling. Within moments, a band of faceless stalkers were raining javelins upon the party. Malcanthet retaliated with lightning arrows. Just before the lift reached the ground, Ito slid under it. With a legendary feat of strength, he upended the lift and four riders. Several toppled out. The heroes cornered them and quickly laid them low.

Searching the fallen, the party recovered the large magical scythe and a coveted cloak of elvenkind.

The adventureres climbed onto the lift and ascended the 80-foot expanse. Leaving the cold stone cavern below, the lift rose into an oppressively muggy jungle. Leaves and vines, plate-sized flowers, and patches of luminescent fungus covered the inner walls of the lighthouse proper. The ceilings above were largely collapsed with only shelves of upper floors remaining. In the center of the room rusted a metal spiral stair which stretched to an intact ceiling 60 feet above. Several rope-and-plank bridges radiated from the stair to the broken upper floors. A few faintly glowing pale orbs bobbed around the greenery.

And then several shadowy humanoids above launched a hail of javelins upon the heroes.

Session Summary


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