Legends of Thassilon

Kinslayer and Catacombs Under Sandpoint

TsutoTwo bands of slavering goblins clashed with the party but Bandaro and Ragnok cleaved through their green hides while Albi’s bombs incinerated them. Among them, however, proved a more evasive foe, Tsuto, half-elven son of the murdered Lonjiku and sister of the missing Ameiko. Tsuto rolled through the combat with uncanny dexterity and slashed a long, curved blade into Ragnok. Karik immediately healed the Shoanti’s wounds as he closed with his massive blade. One fell slash opened Tsuto’s chest and the half-elf died wordlessly.

On his body the party found pouches of gold and silver dust (reagents for glassmaking) and a detailed journal. Within they found a series of maps and charts depicting the initial goblin raid on Sandpoint. Other pages revealed the surprising presence of Nulia, the not-as-dead-as-everyone-thought daughter of Pastor Tobyn, previous clerical leader of Sandpoint’s flame-razed cathedral, and Nualia’s inexplicable devotion to Lamashtu, the evil Mother of Monsters. Also, the party found ominous plans for a much larger goblin attack on Sandpoint including an unknown threat called Malfeshnakor!

The information was returned to Lady Mayor Deverin who requested the heroes fully explore the tunnels under Sandpoint to ensure no further threats emerge from under the town. She paid each party member 20 platinums for their continued stalwart defense of Sandpoint and its people.

Via the tunnels below Sandpoint, the heroes found three corridors. One led to a collapsed dead-end, another to a cleverly disguised cave and empty goblin nest just north of Junker’s Beach, and a third that opened into a much older dungeon. Maggie noted the stonework appeared ancient Thassilonian and their location nearly beneath the Old Light above.

SinspawnAs soon as they started exploring however, they were attacked. Two hideous creatures, hairless with pallid skin, charged from the darkness. Albi recognized them as sinspawn, creatures of Thassilonian legend. The monsters flanked Maggie, and they bit into her soft flesh with their gaping serrated mouth ridges. She suppressed an unfamiliar rage that welled within her, while Ragnok flew into a savage rage of his own. Smelling his fury, the sinspawn turned toward him causing several small wounds. Nonethelss, a rain of arrows and sword strikes defeated the monsters and the wounded were promptly healed.

Exploring onward, the party found an entry hall with a red marble stature, finely carved and life-sized, of a beautiful, although snarling, woman wearing robes, a strange headdress of blades and hooks, and carrying a book in one hand and a ivory polearm in the other. The cover of the book was inscribed with an odd, seven-pointed star. Albi and Maggie determined the polearm could be removed and slid the valuable artifact from the statue’s grasp.

VargouilleThe next door opened into a large chamber with a wooden platform and walkway overlooking an ancient prison. From under the platform came the flapping of three flying severed heads with hair of writhing tendrils and a necrotic green glow from their eyes and mouths. One flapped away as Maggie flung a dagger into it. Another swooped onto Ragnok and bit into his arms and face. The third opened its maw unnaturally wide and screeched a paralyzing scream. Maggie and Malcanthet found themselves immobile as the monsters flapped overhead. Ragnok, calling upon the strength of his newfound patron, suddenly enlarged to twice his already bulky size. Although cramped by the platform, his reach allowed him to cleave one flapping monster from the sky. Karik swung at the remaining aberration but the planks below him gave way; a swirl of ghostly shades pushed his axe yards away. As the last monster flapped toward Maggie with foul intent, Bandaro and Ragnok slew the creature before it could plant its deadly kiss.

Moments later with Maggie and Malcanthet still frozen, the angry complaint of old grinding metal heralded a new threat from the darkened hall beyond.

Session Summary


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