Legends of Thassilon

Stones Over Sandpoint

The heroes spent a rushed day shopping for readily available gear in the City of Monuments. Albi met with the High Inquisitor and shared a summary of the group’s  adventures, including the impending attack on Sandpoint. He stoically praised the party for their efforts and explained that a company of soldiers would be mobilized for Sandpoint within the week.

Knowing that this was too long, Tal’Vesha focused his divine and arcane power to speed the passage between settlements. After traveling through the night, the heroes arrived at Sandpoint at dawn six days after leaving Turtleback Ferry, over 200 miles away.

The town looked basically unchanged since the band had left. This should have surprised no one but given that the party had broken up a cult of the murderers, defeated a clan of deadly ogres, explored Thassilonian ruins, tangled with fantastic monsters from the deep, and destroyed a vampire coven, it seemed remarkably normal there.

Word of the hero’s legendary exploits had reached the town and as its people started to awaken many friends and gawkers emerged. Unfortunately there was little time for reunions in light of the coming threat.

Albi and Maggie sought out Mayor Deverin and detailed the impending giant attack. The party’s woodsmen set out to the Hinterlands to search for signs of giants and prepare for their approach. As night fell, the heroes had no idea just how short on time they were.


Malcanthet spied several humanoid silhouettes standing atop the nearest tors of Ravenroost, lit by the rising sun. She raced to warn the others who had spread out to protect each of Sandpoint’s primary eastern bridged entrances.

The raid began with the thunderous crack of stone against stone ringing through the air. Several giants attacked Sandpoint’s Northgate – it’s most defensive entrance. Knowing this to be the town’s best guarded front, the heroes wisely waited at Sandpoint’s other two bridges.

Giant raiders

At Tanner’s Bridge, Malcanthet hid in the forest as a band of stone giants and enormous cave bears approached. Supported by Tal’Vesha’s magic and Lilith’s harrying hamstring attacks, the trio slowed and blasted their foes and defeated them before any could enter the town.

Meanwhile, at Sandpoint Bridge to the south, Albi, Azrack and Sylir punished a brutish band of hill giants who made a blundering approach.

Duncan, near the middle of town, saw the stone giant boss cross the mill pond with a pair of giant bodyguards.

The battle seemed to be turning toward the heroes’ favor when the din of battle paused. The morning fog evaporated around a gout of flame that washed over the garrison. The red dragon, Longtooth, had arrived.

Dragon attack

The blast scattered the town’s guards and the beast arched toward the cathedral. From Mal and Tal’Vesha’s vantage they saw the dragon’s flight answered with a jet of flame emerging from the cathedral rooftop. Maggie taunted the massive beast with Albi’s dragon’s breath potion.

Tal’Vesha and Malcanthet raced around the cathedral and found Maggie bleeding and backpedaling away from her ferocious foe. They also found a band of hill giants rushing through the now broken Northgate.

Meanwhile the others, having defeated their foes, charged after the stone giant boss. He and his giant lackeys were leaving a swath of destruction in their wake. The heroes caught up with them after they had been slowed by the now badly wounded Sheriff Hemlock and his guardsmen.

The hill giant boss turned out to be a powerful ranger named Teraktinus. Sylir, Azrack, and Duncan easily defeated the stone giant guards, but the opening allowed Teraktinus to lash out with devastating pickax strikes against Sylir. Badly injured, the nimble drow avoided a second round of deadly strikes giving the band enough time to bring the massive foe down.

At the cathedral, Tal’s spider construct engaged the dragon. Longtooth tore it to pieces. This did however give Maggie sufficient time to regroup and heal.

Now able to focus their attention on the dragon, Malcanthet, Tal, and Maggie lashed out with their deadly array of weaponry and magic. The warriors and beast traded grievous injuries. Longtooth barely lifted from the ground considering retreat, when his wing was sundered and his chest run through. The beast fell to the packed earth of Sandpoint’s Cathedral Square.

The remaining raiders ran for the wilds and the townsfolk quickly controlled the several small fires. It rapidly became obvious that the heroes prevented the destruction of Sandpoint. Despite dozens of casualties, cheers filled the morning air. “Huzzah!” “Dragonslayers!” “Saviors of Sandpoint!”

Session Summary


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