Legends of Thassilon

The Graul Farm

As the cyclopes closed, Mal launched lightning arrows and Kaleb unleashed a forking bolt of lightning. Both struck the cyclopes and left barely a mark – damned lightning resistant fey!

The giants closed and unseen archers attacked from the wood line. A pair of rat folk emerged working in uncanny unison to help bring the cyclopes down. The rat folk hardly introduced themselves before rushing up to the barn to further investigate. Albi remained behind only long enough to ponder why cyclops would be seen so far from the a portal to the Feywilde.

Tomb spiderWithin the barn, the heroes found a locked partition. An upper floor doorway revealed a dense mesh of spider webbing beyond. Kayleb also found two matted masses of spiderwebs stuck to the distant wall containing humanoid victims. The halfling attempted to sneak forward and free the captives but was attacked by a phasing fey spider. Several expertly placed strikes from the party and their new rat folk allies brought the spider down before it could vanish away.

The party released the two prisoners and found both badly drained men of the Black Arrows Order. Once healed by Albi and Kayleb, the handsome young human introduced himself as Kaven Windstrike and offered many thanks. He explained that the fort had been sacked by ogres from Hook Mountain. He and Azrak, pointing at his brooding dwarven comrade, were part of a ranging patrol led by Jakardros (the bear belongs to him). When they returned to Fort Rannick, they found the place sacked by Kreeg orgres – fallen rangers littered the ground. Jakardros ordered a counterattack but the ogres were too strong. The patrol retreated into the forest. They spent several days evading ogres only to be attacked by spiders and corralled into cunning traps laced with poison. He lost consciousness and all sense of time since. He offered to return to town to inform Parson Sheed of the threat to town.

As Ito and Kayleb wheel Kaven away, Azrak sneered at the departing trio and stomped toward the farmhouse. Not really under his breath he muttered, “Our brothers may yet be alive in there. We don’t leave family behind.”

Session Summary


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