Legends of Thassilon

Thistletop Warrens

After cursing Karik, the quasit screeched and flew back down the darkened hallway from wence it came. Karik slammed the temple doors and spiked them shut. The quasit returned for another harrying attack, but the half-orc was determined to finish his task.

Meanwhile, the other heroes drug the poisoned Ragnok to his feet. Then, they circled around the dungeon avoiding the dreaded antigravity room. En route to the statued entry room, they reunited with the running Karik. He quickly explained that the quasit flew invisibly up the remaining stair-filled corridor. The heroes advanced cautiously on a circular chamber ornamented with Lamashtu’s monstrous children. A placid pool of clear water sat in the chamber’s center.

Expecting trouble, Bandaro and Ragnok approached carefully. Karik, annoyed but cautious, raced across the chamber to the opposite corridor. He pulled a swath of canvas form his bag and stretched it the width of the hall ensuring that the quasit was trapped between the party.

Lamashtu symbolMeanwhile, Albi rushed forward to inspect the iconic carvings. While near the cleansing pool, the quasit flew by splashing the water and triggering the chamber’s trap. A pair of portcullises dropped sealing the room and the pool rapidly drained…and then refilled with nose-wrinkling acid. Nonplussed, the gnome started looking for tools to collect the caustic, green liquid.

In the lower hallway, buffeting flapping revealed the demon flying past Bandaro and Ragnok. Bandaro’s slice was true and left a short trail of blackened blood down the corridor. The two warriors rushed after the wounded demon.

Albi reached into the pool with his vials as it erupted in an acidic fountain. He suffered terrible burns but regained his senses enough to remove his smoldering clothes and gear.

Back down the corridor, the rabid quasit re-appeared and slashed at Ragnok and Bandaro with her poisoned claws. Bandaro suffered a small gash but the poison slowly leached his poise. The quasit turned on Ragnok but the Mother’s grace abruptly subsided. None of her attacks reached the tiefling and Bandaro was able to land several blows. The demon’s resistances and regeneration were insufficient as a killing blow from Ragnok’s massive blade finished the tenacious foe.

The acid trap reset itself and the portcullises reopened. The party collected what valuables they could carry and limped back to Sandpoint.

The locals grasped and cringed. What could leave the Heroes of Sandpoint so battered? Were there greater threats beneath the Glassworks? Over the next couple of days, word of their deeds spread, the townsfolk were reassured and the group renewed their hero status.

After all their injuries healed, thanks to the temple’s ministrations, the heroes were summoned to a town council meeting. They were praised by Lady Mayor Deverin and learned the meeting was to discuss having the Heroes travel to Thistletop and deal with the rising goblin menace and Nulia and her followers. Titus Scarnetti criticized the “heroes” for depleting the town of its resources and openly doubted their ability. The grieving Ameiko Kaijitsu vouched for the party, while the aged patriarch Valdermar noted that the council would be unlikely to prevent them from continued good works. The heroes stated that they would take the fight to the goblins and end the threat for good. The vote was nearly unanimous in favor of the heroes heading to Thistletop. Only Scarnetti dissented.

NettlewoodThe trip to the Nettlewood, south of Thistletop was uneventful. Bandaro, Karik and Ragnok expertly navigated the game trails and goblin tracks. They found a thick bramble with a concealed wicker gate. Pushing it open, they found a series of cramped tunnels with thorny walls. Shortly after entering, two goblins stumbled upon the party. The greenskins were quickly defeated before any alarm was raised.

Fire goblinFurther in the tunnels, Maggie found a den of nearly a dozen goblins squabbling around small cookfires. After brief planning, Albi snuck forward and lobbed an incendiary bomb into the foes. Four goblins died immediately as the rest leapt up and raced about. Bandaro, Ragnok, and Karik rushed forward to meet a pair of goblin commandos at the entrance. The enemies traded blows while a trio of goblins in the back of the den fired arrows at the heroes. Albi answered the hail with another bomb and three more goblins went up in flames. The remaining goblins fell to the combined barbarian fury and Bandaro’s dancing blade.

Once the dust settled, Maggie found another wicker gate and it led to a small lookout at the edge of cliff that afforded the first view of Thistletop. Below, the surf pounded on the rocks about 50’ down.

The island, connected to the mainland by a precarious-looking rope bridge, was surprisingly regular and round-topped. On its crown sat a palisade with a number of wooden platforms at irregular intervals. Inside the palisade appeared to be a large hall. The whole seems to be made of weathered wood and canvas, battered by the elements and half-rotting. Smoke curled through a hole in the hall roof and several goblins milled about the platforms and grounds.

Session Summary


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