Garrett Greymane

Roguish highwayman turned adventurer

Male Human
CN Medium Humanoid
Class: Rogue (Scout) / Fighter (Champion)
Level: 7/6
Height: 5’10", Weight: 160
Hair: Black, Eyes: Grey, Skin: Lightly Tanned
Age: 31
Background: Urchin
Passive Perception: 21 (26 vs Secret Doors), Passive Investigation: 21 (26 vs Secret Doors), Passive Stealth: 26
Ability Score Modifier Saving Throw
STR 10 + 0 + 0
DEX 22 + 6 + 11
CON 12 + 1 + 1
INT 13 + 1 + 6
WIS 12 + 1 + 1
CHA 12 + 1 + 1
AC: 19
Armor Worn: Glamoured Studded Leather
Initiative: + 6
Speed: 30, climb 30
Proficiency: + 5
Hit Points: 102
Hit Dice: 7d8/6d10
Number of Attacks: 2
Weapon Attack Bonus Damage Range Notes
+ 2 Longbow + 15 ( + 10) 1d8 + 10 (1d8 + 20) piercing 150/600 Ammunition, Heavy, Two-Handed
Rapier + 11 1d8 + 6 piercing Finesse
Dagger + 11 1d4 + 6 piercing 20/60 Finesse, Light, Thrown
Skill Name Total Ability Proficiency Temp.
Acrobatics + 11 DEX ( 6 ) + 5 + 0
Animal Handling + 1 WIS ( 1 ) + 0 + 0
Arcana + 1 INT ( 1 ) + 0 + 0
Athletics + 5 STR ( 0 ) + 5 + 0
Deception + 6 CHA ( 1 ) + 5 + 0
History + 1 INT ( 1 ) + 0 + 0
Insight + 1 WIS ( 1 ) + 0 + 0
Intimidation + 1 CHA ( 1 ) + 0 + 0
Investigation + 11 INT ( 1 ) + 5 + 5
Medicine + 1 WIS ( 1 ) + 0 + 0
Nature + 11 INT ( 1 ) + 5 + 5
Perception + 11 WIS ( 1 ) + 5 + 5
Performance + 1 CHA ( 1 ) + 0 + 0
Persuasion + 1 CHA ( 1 ) + 0 + 0
Religion + 1 INT ( 1 ) + 0 + 0
Sleight of Hand + 11 DEX ( 6 ) + 5 + 0
Stealth + 16 DEX ( 6 ) + 5 + 5
Survival + 11 WIS ( 1 ) + 5 + 5
Pick Locks + 21 DEX (6) + 5 + 10
Dungeon Delver, Sharpshooter
Other Proficiencies
Tool Proficiencies: Disguise Kit, Poisoner’s Kit, Thieves’ Tools
Weapons: Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons
Armor: Light Armor, Medium Armor, Shields
Languages: Common, Thieves’ Cant, Thassilonian
+ 2 Longbow, 2 Quivers, 200 Arrows, Rapier, Dagger, Glamoured Studded Leather, Bag of Holding, Bracers of Archery, Efficient Quiver, Gloves of Thievery, Goggles of Night, Slippers of Spider Climbing, Manual of Quickness of Action (Used), Backpack, Bag of 1,000 Ball Bearings, Bedroll, Bell, Blanket, 4 Bags of Caltrops, 5 Candles, 10’ Chain, 5 Pieces Chalk, Traveler’s Clothes, Vial of Crawler Mucus (DC 13 CON, Paralyzed), Crowbar, Disguise Kit, Vial of Drow Poison (DC 13 CON, Poisoned, Sleep), Fishing Tackle, Grappling Hook, Hammer, Healer’s Kit, Vial of Holy Water, Hooded Lantern, Mess Kit, Steel Mirror, 2 Flasks Oil, 10 Pitons, 4 Vials of Basic Poison (DC 10 CON, 1d4 damage), Poisoner’s Kit, 2 Potions of Healing, 5 Days Rations, 100’ Silk Rope, Sealing Wax, Signal Whistle, Signet Ring, Soap, Tankard, 2-Person Tent, Thieves’ Tools, Tinderbox, Waterskin, Whetstone
Total Weight Carried: 38/150 lbs.
Current Cash: 120 gp, 0 sp, 0 cp
Action Surge (1/short rest)
Gain an extra action on your turn.
Cunning Action
Use bonus action to Dash, Disengage, or Hide on your turn.
Darkvision (60 feet)
Your Goggles of Night give you 60’ of darkvision.
Dungeon Delver
You have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) and Intelligence (Investigation) checks made to detect the presence of secret doors. You have advantage on saving throws made to avoid or resist traps. You have resistance to the damage dealt by traps. You can search for traps while traveling at a normal pace, instead of only at a slow pace.
If you succeed at a Dexterity save for half damage, you take none instead.
Extra Attack
You may attack twice when you take the Attack action.
Glamoured Studded Leather
You can use a bonus action to change the appearance of this armor to that of any other armor or clothing.
Gloves of Thievery
Gives a + 5 bonus to pick locks. Invisible while worn.
Improved Critical
Your weapon attacks score a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20.
Second Wind (recover 1d10 + 6 hp, 1/short rest)
Bonus action to recover hit points.
Attacking at long range doesn’t impose disadvantage on your ranged weapon attack rolls. Your ranged weapon attacks ignore half cover and three-quarters cover. Before you make an attack with a ranged weapon, you can choose to take a -5 penalty to the attack roll, and if the attack hits, you add + 10 to the attack’s damage.
You can move up to half your speed as a reaction when an enemy ends its turn within 5 feet of you. This movement doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks.
Slippers of Spider Climbing
While you wear these light shoes, you can move up, down, and across vertical surfaces and upside down along ceilings, while leaving your hands free. You have a climbing speed equal to your walking speed. However, the slippers do not allow you to move this way on a slippery surface, such as one covered by ice or oil.
Sneak Attack + 4d6
Finesse or ranged weapons deal extra damage when you have advantage or an adjacent ally.
Thieves’ Cant
Secretly pass messages in conversation, read thieves’ signs and symbols.
Uncanny Dodge
Use reaction to halve damage when hit by attacker you can see.
Personality Traits
Say – “I have no patience for those that try to dodge the truth and often bluntly say what others are hinting at or hiding.”
Squeeze – “I feel comfortable in small places and am always squeezing into them where no one else can get to me.”
People – “People who help me can expect me to return the favor. This helps keep us all alive.”
Hardships – “I have experienced hardships that no one else should have to endure.”
Stealing – “If I need something more than someone else then I consider it fair game, not stealing.”
City Secrets – You know the secret patterns and flow to cities and can find passages through the urban sprawl that others would miss. When you are not in combat, you (and companions you lead) can travel between any two locations in the city twice as fast as your speed would normally allow.

Garrett gained the nickname Greymane because of his greying, grizzled appearance. 30 years of hard living have left their tolls upon him, and his weathered features and greying hair give him a roguish, wolfish look.

Garrett was born in Magnimar and grew up on its streets. He didn’t know of any other life, so he survived by stealing and skulking, and he was good at it. However, after a friend of his was falsely accused of a crime and publicly hung, and nobody cared, Garrett left the city vowing to not come back. He simply traded one harsh environment for another, but at least in the wild he had a greater sense of freedom.

He made his living robbing travelers along the roads leading in and out of Magnimar. He also discovered he had a natural knack for archery. One or two well-placed warning shots from concealment were usually all it took to separate a merchant from his goods. Eventually, Garrett gained a small following of like-minded rogues, and that is how the band Garrett’s Wolves came to be. This is also how he came to be named Greymane.

Garrett and his Wolves made a small fortune in the wilds outside of Magnimar, but it was not enough for Garrett. He was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with his role in life. He found it harder and harder to ignore the pleas and cries of those he robbed. While he rarely killed anyone, he felt that financial ruin for some of them was just a slower death, and his conscience began to weigh heavily upon him.

There were increasing rumors of monsters to the north – goblins, giants, and even a dragon – that reached his ears. He first brushed these tales off, thinking like most people that the town guards are the ones that get paid to fight (and die fighting) these threats. However, after witnessing the aftermath of a slaughter at a farmstead, Garrett could no longer turn a blind eye to those in need.

He left the Wolves in the hands of his second and ventured north, where he encountered and slew many foul creatures. He also heard tales of a group of adventurers that had saved Sandpoint from monsters – he even saw the dragon’s corpse. The stories were true! The citizens of Sandpoint were more than happy to tell and retell their stories to Garrett about how the adventurers saved Sandpoint and were now out fighting larger evil threats.

Garrett knew what he had to do. The calling stirred his blood and made him feel hopeful and proud of himself for the first time in his life. He would be like these adventurers and possibly even join up with them, and together they would stop this growing menace.

Garrett Greymane

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