Dark and Deadly Bladelock

Male Half-Elf (Revenant)
CN Medium Humanoid
Class: Rogue, Warlock (Hexblade, Pact of the Blade)
Level: 16 (1/15)
Height: 6’1", Weight: 155
Hair: Black, Eyes: Grey, Skin: White
Age: 37
Background: Arcane Collector
Passive Perception: 21, Passive Investigation: 21, Passive Stealth: 28
Ability Score Modifier Saving Throw
STR 10/25 + 7 + 7
DEX 16 + 3 + 8
CON 14 + 2 + 2
INT 12 + 1 + 6
WIS 12 + 1 + 1
CHA 14 + 2 + 2
AC: 18
Armor Worn: Gleaming Adamantine Half Plate
Initiative: + 5
Speed: 30
Proficiency: + 5
Hit Points: 130
Hit Dice: 16d8
Number of Attacks: 2
Resistances and Immunities
Damage Resistances: Cold
Damage Immunities: Poison
Condition Immunities: Poisoned
Weapon Attack Bonus Damage Range Notes
Greatsword (Pact Weapon) + 15 2d6 + 10 slashing Heavy, Two-Handed
(with Great Weapon Master) + 10 2d6 + 20 slashing
Glaive (Pact Weapon) + 15 1d10 + 10 slashing Heavy, Reach, Two-Handed
(with Great Weapon Master) + 10 1d10 + 20 slashing
(bonus attack) + 15 1d4 + 10 bludgeoning
(bonus attack with GWM) + 10 1d4 + 20 bludgeoning
Skill Name Total Ability Proficiency Temp.
Acrobatics + 8 DEX ( 3 ) + 5 + 0
Animal Handling + 1 WIS ( 1 ) + 0 + 0
Arcana + 6 INT ( 1 ) + 5 + 0
Athletics + 12 STR ( 7 ) + 5 + 0
Deception + 2 CHA ( 2 ) + 0 + 0
History + 1 INT ( 1 ) + 0 + 0
Insight + 1 WIS ( 1 ) + 0 + 0
Intimidation + 2 CHA ( 2 ) + 0 + 0
Investigation + 6 INT ( 1 ) + 5 + 0
Medicine + 1 WIS ( 1 ) + 0 + 0
Nature + 1 INT ( 1 ) + 0 + 0
Perception + 11 WIS ( 1 ) + 5 + 5
Performance + 2 CHA ( 2 ) + 0 + 0
Persuasion + 2 CHA ( 2 ) + 0 + 0
Religion + 1 INT ( 1 ) + 0 + 0
Sleight of Hand + 8 DEX ( 3 ) + 5 + 0
Stealth + 13 DEX ( 3 ) + 5 + 5
Survival + 6 WIS ( 1 ) + 5 + 0
Great Weapon Master
Medium Armor Master
Polearm Master
Other Proficiencies
Tool Proficiencies: Cook’s Utensils, Thieves’ Tools
Weapons: Simple Weapons, Hand Crossbow, Longsword, Rapier, Shortsword
Armor: Light Armor, Medium Armor, Shields
Languages: Common, Elvish, Thassilonian, Varisian
Spell Attack: + 7
Spell Save DC: 15
Number of Spell Slots: 3
Spell Slot Level: 5th
Eldritch Blast, Mage Hand, Minor Illusion, Prestidigitation
Spells Known
Hex, Shield, Darkness, Misty Step, Shadow Blade, Counterspell, Fly, Remove Curse, Banishment, Dimension Door, Shadow of Moil, Sickening Radiance, Far Step
Spell-like Abilities
Alter Self (at will), Invisibility (at will), Levitate (at will)
Mystic Arcanum (6th Level): Arcane Gate
Mystic Arcanum (7th Level): Etherealness
Mystic Arcanum (8th Level): Demiplane
Gleaming Adamantine Half Plate, Bag of Holding, Belt of Fire Giant Strength, Boots of Elvenkind, Mending Clothes of Summer, Dread Helm of Comprehending Languages, Eyes of Minute Seeing, Gloves of Thievery, Heward’s Handy Spice Pouch, Horn of Silent Alarm, Instant Fortress, Mantle of Spell Resistance, Wayfinder (Orb of Direction and Orb of Time), Periapt of Proof against Poison, 2 Potions of Vitality, Ring of Water Walking, Rope of Climbing, Tankard of Sobriety, 2 Vials of Antitoxin, Arcane Focus (Crystal), Backpack, Bedroll, Blanket, Scroll Case, 5 Pieces of Chalk, Climber’s Kit, Component Pouch, Cook’s Utensils, Crowbar, Fishing Tackle, Flask, Grappling Hook, Sledge Hammer, Healer’s Kit, 2 Vials of Holy Water, Hourglass, 4 Bottles of Ink, 2 Ink Pens, Mess Kit, Steel Mirror, 20 Sheets of Paper, Miner’s Pick, 20 Pitons, Iron Pot, 4 Potions of Healing (2d4 + 2), Portable Ram, 20 Days of Rations, Sealing Wax, Shovel, Signet Ring, Soap, Tankard, Two-Person Tent, Thieves’ Tools, Tinderbox, 2 Waterskins, Whetstone
Total Weight Carried: 72/375 lbs.
Current Cash: 110 gp, 0 sp, 0 cp
This is a truly exquisite set of master-crafted half-plate armor. The armor is pitch-black and covered in the scales of an ancient shadow dragon. All of the metal buckles and joints have been wrapped in black silk threading. Silver runes have been stitched into the silk and leather pieces. In addition to its normal properties, the armor will alert the wearer when a dragon is within 120 feet. While the dragon scales on the armor are semi-glossy, they do not reflect much light. Indeed, they actually seem to absorb light at times. If one were to look long and closely, they would see the hint of something huge and shadowy moving, as if the scales were a window into a dark place where something dark and mighty dwelled.
This is a magnificent cloak, obviously intended for the wealthy to wear when out. It is made of the softest and finest black displacer beast hide. Its interior is lined with soft black fur. In addition to its normal properties, this cloak gives warnings to its wearer, granting a + 2 bonus to initiative if the wearer isn’t incapacitated.
This suit of clothing is of fine quality, bordering on casual noble. The clothing is black; the pants are of a supple leather, and the shirt is of the finest Tien silk. There is also a rich, blood-red silk undershirt and breeches. In addition to the normal properties of this item, the clothing makes the wearer feel more confident in their abilities. The wearer gains advantage on all saving throws against being frightened.
Mördwyn’s demiplane hideout has been used and equipped extensively. It has living accommodations for up to 10 people in comfort, including beds, privacy screens, and even a bathing area (a decanter of endless water supplies the water needed for bathing and cooking). A small, closed privy sits in one corner (a portable hole rests underneath the seat). Everburning torches keep the place lit. There is a large fireplace with cooking pot (extra wood is stacked nearby), a long table with 10 chairs, and shelves of books on almost every subject line the walls. Crates and chests of equipment (most everything mundane from the gear lists) are stacked into one corner. Extra non-magical arms and armor lay in racks, including barrels of arrows and crossbow bolts. A permanent teleportation circle is also embedded into the floor in front of the fireplace. There are also enough stored dry rations and wine to feed 10 people for several months.
This is a custom 5th-edition inspired recreation of Pathfinder’s Wayfinder. It combines the functions of an Orb of Direction and an Orb of Time. This allows the bearer to determine which way is north and the relative time of day (morning, afternoon, evening, or night). In addition, the bearer can use a bonus action to cause the Wayfinder to shed bright light in a 10 foot radius and dim light for an additional 10 feet, or to extinguish the light. The Wayfinder appears to be a fanciful clockwork pocket watch with a small round face. Around the edge of the face, rotates the directional arrow. Inside the face is a round hole through which a painted image of the current time of day shows.


When this magical fortress is summoned, all observing it can immediately tell its exotic make. The fortress’ build strongly suggest ties to Tien, as it looks very similar to many buildings there. The stones of the tower are black and glossy, and the thick wood of the support beams and floors inside are polished to a high gleam. There is a raised roof over the battlements that has a very Tien-like pointed shape. Occupants inside the fortress suffer no harm in temperatures as cold as -20 degrees or as warm as 120 degrees.
Accursed Specter (1/long rest): When you slay a humanoid, you can cause its spirit to rise from its corpse as a specter (stats as in MM). When it appears, it has an additional number of temporary hit points equal to half your warlock level and gains a bonus to its attack rolls equal to your Cha modifier. The specter remains in your service until your next long rest.
Armor of Hexes: If the target of your Hexblade’s Curse hits you with an attack roll, you can use your reaction to roll a d6. On a 4 + the attack instead misses you, regardless of its roll.
Boots of Elvenkind: While wearing these boots you have advantage on Stealth checks.
Darkvision (60 feet): You may see in darkness as if it were dim light.
Devil’s Sight: See normally in all darkness up to 120 feet.
Dread Helm of Comprehending Languages: Action to cast comprehend languages spell. The wearer can cause his eyes to glow with a haunting light.
Eldritch Smite: Once per turn, when you hit a creature with your pact weapon, you can expend a warlock spell slot to cause the target to suffer an additional 1d8 force damage, plus another 1d8 force damage per level of the spell slot. You can also knock the target prone if it is Huge or smaller.
Eyes of Minute Seeing: Gain advantage on Investigation checks while worn.
Fey Ancestry: You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can’t put you to sleep.
Gleaming Adamantine Half Plate: Any critical hit against you becomes a normal hit. The armor is always clean; dirt will not taint it.
Gloves of Thievery: You gain a + 5 bonus to pick locks. Gloves are invisible while worn.
Great Weapon Master: When you score a critical hit or when you drop a creature to 0 hit points, you may make an additional attack as a bonus action. Before you make a melee attack with a heavy weapon, you may take a -5 penalty to hit in order to deal + 10 damage.
Heward’s Handy Spice Pouch: Create any spice.
Hex Warrior: You gain proficiency with martial weapons, medium armor, and shields. In addition, when you use a weapon that you are proficient with that lacks the two-handed property, you may use your Cha modifier in place of Str or Dex for attack and damage rolls.
Hexblade’s Curse (1/short rest): Place a baleful curse as a bonus action on one creature you can see within 30 feet. The target is cursed for 1 minute. You gain a bonus to damage rolls against the target equal to your proficiency bonus. Any attack roll you make against the target is a critical hit on a 19-20. If the cursed target dies, you regain hit points equal to your warlock level + Cha modifier.
Horn of Silent Alarm: Action to blow horn. One creature of the user’s choice within 600 feet can hear the horn. No other creatures can hear sound from the horn.
Instant Fortress: Action to summon or dismiss fortress.
Master of Hexes: When the creature cursed by your Hexblade’s Curse dies, you can apply the curse to a different creature you can see within 30 feet of you.
Medium Armor Master: No disadvantage on Stealth checks, may use Dex bonus of up to + 3.
Mending Clothes of Summer: You have resistance to cold damage. In addition, you suffer no ill effects from extreme temperatures caused by weather. These clothes also mend themselves from daily wear and tear, as well as minor damage.
Periapt of Proof against Poison: Immune to poison damage and the poisoned condition.
Polearm Master: When you take an Attack action with a glaive, halberd, or quarterstaff, you may make an additional attack with the other end of the weapon as a bonus action. This extra attack deals 1d4 damage and uses the same stat as the main attack. While you are wielding a glaive, halberd, pike, or quarterstaff, other creatures provoke an opportunity attack from you when they enter your reach.
Relentless Nature: If you are below half your hit point total at the start of your turn, you regain 1 hit point. If you die, you return to life 24 hours later. If your body is destroyed, you reform within 1 mile of your place of death. You know the distance and direction between you and any creature involved in your goal.
Ring of Water Walking: While wearing this ring, you may walk across any liquid as if it were solid ground.
Rope of Climbing: 60 foot silk rope. Action to activate it.
Shroud of Shadow: You can cast the invisibility spell at will, without expending a spell slot.
Sneak Attack + 1d6: Finesse or ranged weapons deal extra damage when you have advantage or an adjacent ally.
Tankard of Sobriety: You can drink any type and amount of alcohol from this tankard without getting drunk.
Thieves’ Cant: Secretly pass messages in conversation, read thieves’ signs and symbols.
Thirsting Blade: Attack twice with pact weapon when taking the Attack action.
Ultimate Pact Weapon: Any weapon you create using your Pact of the Blade feature is a + 3 weapon.
Wayfinder: This is actually an Orb of Direction. You can use an action to determine which way is north.
Personality Traits
Grave Robber – “The dead don’t need their wealth any more, so you have no problems taking it from them.”
Money – “Tomorrow we might die, so I enjoy my life to the fullest with no thought to the money it takes.”
Greed – “Look, I ain’t in this for your revolution. I’m not in it for you, Princess. I expect to be well paid. I’m in it for the money.”
Relic – “I would die to recover an ancient relic of my patron that was lost long ago.”
Greedy – “When I see a settlement or caravan heavy with valuables, all other concerns fade.”
Social Invisibility – You perfected the art of avoiding notice and never drawing attention. When someone first meets you, they later struggle to recall your appearance, your voice, or anything significant about you. Likewise, you blend into a crowd, making it difficult for pursuers to identify you.


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