Legends of Thassilon

Festival and Fire

The soon-to-be-heroes gathered in the front Sandpoint’s new cathedral. The opening ceremonies introduced Mayor Deverin, Sheriff Hemlock, theater-owner Cyrdak Drokkus, and Pastor Zantus. After the swallowtail release and Pastor Zantus’ homily, lunch was served and The Rusty Dragon Inn’s faire was especially delicious. Just as Pastor Zantus began the christening ceremony, a scream pealed through the crowd.

Furtive shadows circled the crowd and the goblin attackers struck. A handful of brave citizens and visitors lashed back, while most of the festival-goers fled for safety.

On one flank stood Tannor Viskanta, warehouse boss and Sczarni smuggler, with two employees: Taryn, a Shoanti berserker and hired laborer, and Karik, Viskanta’s half-orc bodyguard. Taryn and Karik lept the defense of a strange-looking festival-goer: the tiefling rogue Maggie. They quickly struck down one nasty goblin.

Across the square, another band of goblins slashed at the crowd with their rusted dogslicers. Two long-time friends recently reunited pushed forward to battle the foes. Bandaro, the dashing warrior, danced through the crowd, while Malcanthet, the female hunter, rained arrows upon the evil goblins. The crowd dispersed as the goblins were defeated.

Goblin pyroKarik charged forward but stumbled in the yoke and fell prone. The goblin pyros torched the wagon and attacked the half-orc. Bandaro closed the with the warchanter who used her whip to trip the bard and send him tumbling over the short cliff. Not wanting to miss the high jinks, Taryn closed with the warchanter. The flames started to lick the nearby wooden building, so Karik pulled the blocks from the wheels while Maggie pushed the wagon toward the cliff. Both the warchanter and Shoanti easily moved out of the way, but Bandaro nervously stared at the underside of the burning wagon above.

The warchanter dropped a flammable oil slick at Taryn’s feet, but she dexterously stepped away. While the other heroes defeated the goblin pyros, Malcanthet sunk two arrows directly into the warchanter’s head, dropping her instantly.

After a few moments for healing and brief introductions, the party heard a yell for help just down the road. A hairless goblin dog savaged a hunting dog and was about to give the dog’s owner a similar treatment. The heroes rushed in heedless of danger. Maggie reached the beast first and bravely placed herself between the goblin commando and his mount and the terrified citizen. She suffered a wicked injury from the commando’s horsechopper for her efforts. The commando expertly evaded Taryn’s massive cleaving attacks, but ultimately succumbed to Bandaro’s slashing scimitar and Malcanthet’s piercing arrows but was captured alive. As the rider fell, the goblin dog closed with the archer only to fall from further bow attacks. Taryn and Karik took down the remaining goblins.

The saved citizen turned out the visiting noble Aldern Foxglove. He thanked the heroes graciously and requested that they find him at The Rusty Dragon in the evening to properly repay them.

Malcanthet interrogated the goblin commando and learned that a “longshanks” led a secret mission to the town graveyard, while his team and others wrought havoc on the rest of the town. The party turned the commando over to the guard and rushed to the graveyard. They found the disturbed grave of Ezakien Tobyn, the pastor who died in the temple fire five years ago. Malcothet expertly read the tracks in the soft dirt and pointed the party toward the east road out of town.

Pyre aspen forest 2The party traveled south over the treed escarpment known as The Pyre. Malcanthet tracked a medium-sized humanoid and a dozen goblins. She briefly lost the larger humanoid’s trail and then a brutal ambush was unleashed on the heroes. First, a massive darkwood arrow dropped Maggie to the ground from an unseen sniper. Two bands of goblins attacked from the other two directions splitting the party in half. Taryn and Karik charged one band and slowly reduced their number with the Shoanti’s devastating blows. On the other front, Malconthet sliced at the Licktoad goblins. The goblins’ poisoned bone daggers bit Malcanthet and she slumped to the forest floor unconscious. Bandaro used his spells and the rogue’s own potion to get Maggie back on her feet. They closed with the goblins and kept them off Malconthet while Taryn and Karik raced across the battlefield. Taryn suffered another massive arrow strike but stayed on her feet. Bandaro spotted and recognized the attacker, a notorious bugbear hunter named Bruthazmus.

The Shoanti and half-orc finished off the remaining goblins but Bruthazmus slipped away. The injured were healed as well as possible and the party carried the limp form of Malcanthet back into a shocked but welcoming Sandpoint.

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