Legends of Thassilon

Kinslayer and Catacombs Under Sandpoint

TsutoTwo bands of slavering goblins clashed with the party but Bandaro and Ragnok cleaved through their green hides while Albi’s bombs incinerated them. Among them, however, proved a more evasive foe, Tsuto, half-elven son of the murdered Lonjiku and sister of the missing Ameiko. Tsuto rolled through the combat with uncanny dexterity and slashed a long, curved blade into Ragnok. Karik immediately healed the Shoanti’s wounds as he closed with his massive blade. One fell slash opened Tsuto’s chest and the half-elf died wordlessly.

On his body the party found pouches of gold and silver dust (reagents for glassmaking) and a detailed journal. Within they found a series of maps and charts depicting the initial goblin raid on Sandpoint. Other pages revealed the surprising presence of Nulia, the not-as-dead-as-everyone-thought daughter of Pastor Tobyn, previous clerical leader of Sandpoint’s flame-razed cathedral, and Nualia’s inexplicable devotion to Lamashtu, the evil Mother of Monsters. Also, the party found ominous plans for a much larger goblin attack on Sandpoint including an unknown threat called Malfeshnakor!

The information was returned to Lady Mayor Deverin who requested the heroes fully explore the tunnels under Sandpoint to ensure no further threats emerge from under the town. She paid each party member 20 platinums for their continued stalwart defense of Sandpoint and its people.

Via the tunnels below Sandpoint, the heroes found three corridors. One led to a collapsed dead-end, another to a cleverly disguised cave and empty goblin nest just north of Junker’s Beach, and a third that opened into a much older dungeon. Maggie noted the stonework appeared ancient Thassilonian and their location nearly beneath the Old Light above.

SinspawnAs soon as they started exploring however, they were attacked. Two hideous creatures, hairless with pallid skin, charged from the darkness. Albi recognized them as sinspawn, creatures of Thassilonian legend. The monsters flanked Maggie, and they bit into her soft flesh with their gaping serrated mouth ridges. She suppressed an unfamiliar rage that welled within her, while Ragnok flew into a savage rage of his own. Smelling his fury, the sinspawn turned toward him causing several small wounds. Nonethelss, a rain of arrows and sword strikes defeated the monsters and the wounded were promptly healed.

Exploring onward, the party found an entry hall with a red marble stature, finely carved and life-sized, of a beautiful, although snarling, woman wearing robes, a strange headdress of blades and hooks, and carrying a book in one hand and a ivory polearm in the other. The cover of the book was inscribed with an odd, seven-pointed star. Albi and Maggie determined the polearm could be removed and slid the valuable artifact from the statue’s grasp.

VargouilleThe next door opened into a large chamber with a wooden platform and walkway overlooking an ancient prison. From under the platform came the flapping of three flying severed heads with hair of writhing tendrils and a necrotic green glow from their eyes and mouths. One flapped away as Maggie flung a dagger into it. Another swooped onto Ragnok and bit into his arms and face. The third opened its maw unnaturally wide and screeched a paralyzing scream. Maggie and Malcanthet found themselves immobile as the monsters flapped overhead. Ragnok, calling upon the strength of his newfound patron, suddenly enlarged to twice his already bulky size. Although cramped by the platform, his reach allowed him to cleave one flapping monster from the sky. Karik swung at the remaining aberration but the planks below him gave way; a swirl of ghostly shades pushed his axe yards away. As the last monster flapped toward Maggie with foul intent, Bandaro and Ragnok slew the creature before it could plant its deadly kiss.

Moments later with Maggie and Malcanthet still frozen, the angry complaint of old grinding metal heralded a new threat from the darkened hall beyond.

Session Summary

Glass and Wrath

Sheriff Hemlock and his guardsmen escorted Karik, Maggie and Albi back to the Barrett home. Karik and Hemlock led, past the grisly murder scene. The crawl space was empty save an abandoned goblin nest and the remains of Alergast’s leg. When Karik climbed the stairs, he was attacked by two goblins. The beasts bit with their rusted blades and then scattered in two directions: one launched himself out the second-story window (and was nearly cleaved in half by Karik during the insane maneuver) and the other lobbed a lantern onto the kerosene-soaked bed.

Turandarok bridgeAt the Turandarok Bridge, Lord Foxglove and his boar hunters met a charming Varisian character who Bandaro recognized as Kessel Moretti. Moretti, with an unknown number of hidden bandits, pleasantly demanded a toll for passage. After several tense moments, Bandaro diffused the threat with playful banter and 20 gold. Moretti leapt off the bridge into a concealed space underneath. The heroes decided not to pursue and rode homeward.

Back in the Barett home, another pair of goblins emerged from hiding downstairs and blocked the front door with a heavy desk and lit it aflame. The goblins were slain by Hemlock’s guardsmen, while Karik and Maggie dealt with the fires. Karik bodily pulled the burning mattress into neighboring room’s hearth sustaining blistering wounds. Maggie, counting on her innate fire resistance, waded into the fire and slowly pulled the chair outside. Only her clothing was harmed. The remaining flames were doused and Karik magically healed his injuries.

Shalelu andosanaOn the way back to Sandpoint, the hunters met another regional notable: Shalelu Andosana. She explained that she was a ranger and protector of the region and was coming to Sandpoint to report details of the increasing goblin activity. Bandaro, in turn, detailed his uncanny skill with his sword, his hair-product regimen, and his heroic efforts to protect Sandpoint’s people. They all rode back to Sandpoint together.

That night, the heroes reunited and Foxglove hosted a feast, featuring boar prepared by Ameiko Kaijitsu at The Rusty Dragon and tales of Malcanthet’s incredible archery and somewhat mocking stories of Varisian banditry and diplomacy. The next morning, Foxglove departed for business in Magnimar with promises to call on Malcathet when next in town. Later the same morning, the heroes were summoned to Lady Mayor Deverin at City Hall. She again congratulated the heroes on their continued efforts to rid Sandpoint of its goblin trouble. She explained, however, that Shalelu Andosana reported increasing goblin activity in the Hinterlands and likely additional attacks. She intended to send Sheriff Hemlock to Magnimar for reinforcements and offered to deputize the heroes to continue defending Sandpoint and protecting its people in a more official manner. She offered to pay a generous sum of 5 gold each per day the Sheriff was gone. Only Malcanthet refused to accept.

Following several days of local hero-worship and easy pay, the deputies’ first problem arose. A timid halfling named Bethana Corwin, a cook and employee of The Rusty Dragon, approached Albi. Heavy with concern, she said Ameiko did not come to work, her rooms were unslept in and she found an ominous note from Ameiko’s estranged half-brother, Tsuto. She shared the note and asked the heroes to look into her boss’s disappearance.

Once the party gathered, they decided to start at the Kaijitsu family’s glassworks factory. The smokestacks burned but all the doors were uncharacteristically locked. Maggie picked the warehouse door’s lock while onlookers gathered to see what Sandpoint’s heroes were up to. They slipped in the building and found signs of trouble, including an opened safe and small, muddy footprints leading from the basement. Karik heard glass breaking in the room beyond and Ragnok charged into a chaotic scene. Several goblins played with molten glass and the floor was littered with bodies of several dead workers. A great melee ensured with flying glass, molten missiles, deadly arrows and incredible crushing and slashing attacks. Within moments, seven goblins lay dead and two fled. One disappeared into the basement, while the last one was dropped by a deadeye shot from Malcanthet.

Within the glassworks workshop another tragic find was discovered: the glass-encased form of Lonjiku Kaijistu, patriarch of the noble family. By the his tortured visage and seared skin, he was clearly encased alive. After a brief search for more threats, the heroes moved into the basement.

A few paces into the shadowed level, two waves of shrieking goblins surged from the darkness while a shadowy figure advanced from behind.

Session Summary

The Boar Hunt & Monster in the Closet

After the heroes returned to Sandpoint, the toll of the goblin raid became clear. There were few fatalities among the townsfolk, but many injured. The heroes learned that a few other citizens and guardsmen were involved in protecting the town, including Albi Komondon, a gnome with a well timed elemental blast, and Ragnok, a tiefling warrior who then defended Komondon from certain “goblining”.

The cathedral consecration was completed the next day in a solemn and more private ceremony. The Heroes of Sandpoint participated and were recognized for preventing the goblins from ruining the building and saving one of the local nobles. Afterward, Mayer Deverin rewarded the heroes with 500 gold coins each, paid by public subscription (mostly from an anonymous donor).

Over the next few days, the heroes enjoyed their new fame. They received friendly reception, including several romantic invitations and small gifts such as flowers and baked goods. Malcanthet received an invitation to her “and fellow heroes” to attend dinner at The Rusty Dragon Inn from Lord Aldern Foxglove. During the pleasant evening, albeit largely focused on Malcanthet’s expert archery and bravery, she and others were invited on a boar hunt in the Tickwood two days hence.

The next day, Bandaro received a welcoming invitation to the Sandpoint General Store, which offered a discount on outfitting gear for the boar hunt.

The following morning, Karik and Taryn met their boss, Viskanta, at dawn to unload a ship’s cargo. Once back at his warehouse, the town guard barged in and arrested Viskanta, charging him with murder of Alergast Barrett. Viskanta swore his innocence and demanded that Karik clear his “good” name.

Bandaro and the others met at the General Store and were welcomed by Ven Vinder, the storeowner. Maggie shared gossip of Ven’s elder daughter Katrine and her unapproved relationship with a local lumber mill worker. Shayliss Vinder, Ven’s other daughter, coyly presented a story about large rats in the basement and lured Bandaro into the dark storage area. The Varisian suspected trouble but was uncharacteristically stunned when she lunged lustfully at him. So unnerved was he, that he cautiously kept is sword at hand despite her obvious romantic intent.

When Ven approached the basement door, Ragnok distracted him while Bandaro slipped away. Shayliss was clearly spurned and cried, “You can’t leave me like this!”

When the others completed their purchases, they moved outside and found Karik and Taryn. They explained their boss’s predicament and divided the party into a team of murder investigators and a team of boar hunters.

TickwoodThe boar hunters, including Malcanthet, Ragnok, and Bandaro, rode to the Tickwood with Lord Foxglove. Foxglove’s interest in Malcanthet continued and the other two fell back snickering and looking for trouble. Once in the forest, they spotted fresh boar tracks and eventually their quarry. A large boar bolted in the distance and Foxglove separated from the group to move into a flanking position.

Meanwhile, Karik, Taryn, Albi, and Maggie began their investigation into Barrett’s murder with the victim’s employer. Alergast was the second mate on a merchant vessel named Andiamo owned by a rival company of Viskanta’s, Gulf Coast Trading. The Andiamo’s captain told the investigators that Alergast was a good sailor and provider for his family. Captain Tilernos told of an encounter involving Viskanta. Six months earlier, a mercenary named Vancaskerkin brought threatening letters from Viskanta encouraging Alergast to stop working for Gulf Coast Trading. Then, the mercenary left town toward Magnimar and the threats ceased.

In the Tickwood, Malcanthet, Ragnok, and Bandaro closed in on the boar, but were ambushed by a small band of goblins. The nasty beasts focused their attacks on the hero’s mounts, but the monsters were quickly slain before any significant injuries occurred.

The investigators decided to split in two pairs. Karik and Taryn went to the town garrison and jail to get more details from Viskanta. He claimed he was innocent and had a long list of people who might want to frame him, including his nefarious shipping rival, Manaldo Manchini, owner of Gulf Coast Shipping.

Maggie and Albi went to the Barrett home. Maggie easily picked the lock and they entered the dark abode. The entry hall and scene of the crime showed blood dotted across the wall and ceiling. They continued exploring the place and the observant tiefling found a slightly disturbed floorboard under the stairs. She lifted the board and peered into the darkness when a rusty dogslicer slashed her face. She reeled back and a band of savage goblins surged forth. Maggie back-peddled as Albi cast a shield spell on himself. The goblins lashed out at him as well, nearly cleaving his small frame in two. The pair narrowly made their escape since the monsters did not pursue into the daylight.

Once in the street, locals moved to aid them and staunch the bleeding. The threat of more goblins created a small panic that brought the local guards. One guard watched the Barrett home while another brought the injured pair to the cathedral for treatment. En route, they found Karik and Taryn leaving the garrison. The half-orc oracle used his miraculous touch to heal the wounds.

Back in the Tickwood, the boar hunters were back on their quarry’s trail. From long range, Malcanthet and Bandaro managed to injure it with a pair of impressive bowshots. Ragnok’s horse frustrated the Shoanti rider failing to close with the large beast. He dismounted but was unable to keep up with the boar.

Savage boarThey continued to press the boar down a gentle valley and saw the mounted form of Lord Foxglove on a distant ridgeline. With both flanking parties in place, the heroes charged forward. The archers launched more glancing blows into the beast. Foxglove charged on horseback and slashed the beast with a vicious looking spear. Malcanthet halted her horse, noted the wind, her mount’s breathing, and the course of the boar. As Foxglove circled for another strike, Malcanthet expertly loosed an arrow that flew truly and buried into the boar’s flank nearly taking it to the ground. Lord Foxglove’s boarspear finished the beast in one final dramatic blow.

Back in Sandpoint, acolytes of Desna and Sarenrae attended the investigators in the cathedral. Karik overheard that the body of Alergast Barrett was being prepared in another room. Karik bullied his way in and found the body pale and cold with a jagged slash to the neck and a slowly chopped off leg. A cleric of Gozreh interrupted Karik’s examination and discouraged his brutish investigation.

They took their findings to Sheriff Hemlock and explained that the goblins in the Barrett home basically proved Viskanta innocent of murder. The sheriff agreed that his evidence was circumstantial but the goblins would have to be dealt with and he would need to see them for himself. The investigators eagerly agreed to slay the nasty creatures, so the heroes left with Sheriff Hemlock and two of his guardsmen.

The boar hunters celebrated (quaffing their wineskins) and loaded up their prize. As they departed the Tickwood, they saw a figure standing on the Turandorak Bridge. As they neared, they could see a Varisian man dressed in purple leathers and a pair of sliver handaxes at his belt smiling at them.

Session Summary

Festival and Fire

The soon-to-be-heroes gathered in the front Sandpoint’s new cathedral. The opening ceremonies introduced Mayor Deverin, Sheriff Hemlock, theater-owner Cyrdak Drokkus, and Pastor Zantus. After the swallowtail release and Pastor Zantus’ homily, lunch was served and The Rusty Dragon Inn’s faire was especially delicious. Just as Pastor Zantus began the christening ceremony, a scream pealed through the crowd.

Furtive shadows circled the crowd and the goblin attackers struck. A handful of brave citizens and visitors lashed back, while most of the festival-goers fled for safety.

On one flank stood Tannor Viskanta, warehouse boss and Sczarni smuggler, with two employees: Taryn, a Shoanti berserker and hired laborer, and Karik, Viskanta’s half-orc bodyguard. Taryn and Karik lept the defense of a strange-looking festival-goer: the tiefling rogue Maggie. They quickly struck down one nasty goblin.

Across the square, another band of goblins slashed at the crowd with their rusted dogslicers. Two long-time friends recently reunited pushed forward to battle the foes. Bandaro, the dashing warrior, danced through the crowd, while Malcanthet, the female hunter, rained arrows upon the evil goblins. The crowd dispersed as the goblins were defeated.

Goblin pyroKarik charged forward but stumbled in the yoke and fell prone. The goblin pyros torched the wagon and attacked the half-orc. Bandaro closed the with the warchanter who used her whip to trip the bard and send him tumbling over the short cliff. Not wanting to miss the high jinks, Taryn closed with the warchanter. The flames started to lick the nearby wooden building, so Karik pulled the blocks from the wheels while Maggie pushed the wagon toward the cliff. Both the warchanter and Shoanti easily moved out of the way, but Bandaro nervously stared at the underside of the burning wagon above.

The warchanter dropped a flammable oil slick at Taryn’s feet, but she dexterously stepped away. While the other heroes defeated the goblin pyros, Malcanthet sunk two arrows directly into the warchanter’s head, dropping her instantly.

After a few moments for healing and brief introductions, the party heard a yell for help just down the road. A hairless goblin dog savaged a hunting dog and was about to give the dog’s owner a similar treatment. The heroes rushed in heedless of danger. Maggie reached the beast first and bravely placed herself between the goblin commando and his mount and the terrified citizen. She suffered a wicked injury from the commando’s horsechopper for her efforts. The commando expertly evaded Taryn’s massive cleaving attacks, but ultimately succumbed to Bandaro’s slashing scimitar and Malcanthet’s piercing arrows but was captured alive. As the rider fell, the goblin dog closed with the archer only to fall from further bow attacks. Taryn and Karik took down the remaining goblins.

The saved citizen turned out the visiting noble Aldern Foxglove. He thanked the heroes graciously and requested that they find him at The Rusty Dragon in the evening to properly repay them.

Malcanthet interrogated the goblin commando and learned that a “longshanks” led a secret mission to the town graveyard, while his team and others wrought havoc on the rest of the town. The party turned the commando over to the guard and rushed to the graveyard. They found the disturbed grave of Ezakien Tobyn, the pastor who died in the temple fire five years ago. Malcothet expertly read the tracks in the soft dirt and pointed the party toward the east road out of town.

Pyre aspen forest 2The party traveled south over the treed escarpment known as The Pyre. Malcanthet tracked a medium-sized humanoid and a dozen goblins. She briefly lost the larger humanoid’s trail and then a brutal ambush was unleashed on the heroes. First, a massive darkwood arrow dropped Maggie to the ground from an unseen sniper. Two bands of goblins attacked from the other two directions splitting the party in half. Taryn and Karik charged one band and slowly reduced their number with the Shoanti’s devastating blows. On the other front, Malconthet sliced at the Licktoad goblins. The goblins’ poisoned bone daggers bit Malcanthet and she slumped to the forest floor unconscious. Bandaro used his spells and the rogue’s own potion to get Maggie back on her feet. They closed with the goblins and kept them off Malconthet while Taryn and Karik raced across the battlefield. Taryn suffered another massive arrow strike but stayed on her feet. Bandaro spotted and recognized the attacker, a notorious bugbear hunter named Bruthazmus.

The Shoanti and half-orc finished off the remaining goblins but Bruthazmus slipped away. The injured were healed as well as possible and the party carried the limp form of Malcanthet back into a shocked but welcoming Sandpoint.

Session Details


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