December 1, 2012

Experience Points
Gorger and Chaw and his bear 9,600 XP
Ogre work crew 9,600 XP
Skulltaker trolls 9,600 XP
Subtotal: 28,800
XP Award per Player: 4,800 XP (6 players)
XP tally: 49,005 (51,000 needed for level 8)

Ettin’s booty: 693 gp, 1,240 sp; six peals (100 gp each), phylactery of positive channeling, ivory scroll tube with jade inset (300 gp) with scroll of cone of cold, scroll of hold monster, scroll of telekinesis.
Skulltaker troll loot: cracked emerald (400 gp), gold behir comb with pearl eyes (850 gp), gloves of swimming and climbing.

Action Points
Jason: For dealing the most damage in the AP thus far – 64 points!
Player’s Choice: pending

Alex, Brian, Jason, Jen, John, and Tanner.

December 1, 2012

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