December 15, 2012

Experience Points
Grazuul 9,600 XP
Ogre work crew 14,400 XP
Skull ripper construct 14,400 XP
Devil-powered flood gates 9,600 XP
Subtotal: 38,400
XP Award per Player: 7,680 XP (6 players)
XP tally: 56,685 Level 8! (75,000 needed for level 9)

Grazuul’s trident: large +1 vicious adamantine trident (CL 6, 11,030 gp)
Damn model stone: pale lavender ellipsoid ioun stone (CL 12, 6,000 gp)

Action Points
John: For throwing himself into a dangerous situation because it’s what
his character would do. And also for getting the PBP rolling.
Player’s Choice: pending

Brian, Jason, Jen, John, and Tanner.

December 15, 2012

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